Marion Girard

Co-founder with Aris Atto | CEO at Ma Nanny&Moi Ltd

Created in 2020, Ma Nanny&Moi Box is the brainchild of Marion Girard, a nanny in London. The idea came to her during the lockdown in the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Being confined indoors with little ones, Marion was running out of ideas for new entertaining, child-friendly activities. An internet search was daunting as there was no one source to find well-curated activities suitable for specific age ranges.

Marion is an experienced French nanny living and working in London. She spotted a gap in the market and teamed up with entrepreneur Aris Atto to launch a subscription box that includes everything you’ll need to keep your little and not-so-little ones amused indoors. It’s got the lot: games, toys, craft/engineering materials, snacks – and even the odd gift for the grown-ups.

The boxes vary by age range, so you don’t need to worry about ending up with items that you won’t use. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, or you can take out a longer one for a fixed period of up to a year if you like. It’s completely down to you.

Ma Nanny & Moi Box is made to help you with your routine and allow you to relax and pamper yourself. As a nanny or parent, your wellbeing is important to us.

The Ma Nanny & Moi company is a team of talented men and women who share the goal of improving the daily lives of our subscribers with fun new activities for their little ones and surprises for the carers and parents themselves. All with a good sense of humour and creativity.

Thanks to you guys for your support and love

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